Volunteer Policy

Sherburn in Elmet Community Trust relies on the dedication and enthusiasm of its volunteers in a number of roles both at the Library and the Old Girls’ School.

This document sets out Trust policies with regard to the management of our volunteers.

Responsibility for enacting this policy is delegated to the Volunteer Managers for the library and the Community Centre Manager for the Old Girls’ School.

The Trust will provide a named contact person for Volunteers to refer to with any queries, concerns or comments and will also have occasional group feedback and social sessions to catch-up, discuss any issues and exchange views.

Equality and Diversity

The Trust recognises that it is essential to provide equal opportunities to all volunteers without discrimination and that there are great benefits in having a workforce with diverse backgrounds. The trust Policy is published on its website. 

Equal opportunities

The Trust is committed to being an equal opportunities organisation.  The Trust Policy is published on its website.

Health and Safety

The Trust is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its volunteers.The Trust Policy is published on its website which includes details of delegations. A review of performance and policy will be conducted annually by the Trustees.


The Trust has a responsibility to protect children and vulnerable adults from the possibility of being abused within the organisation and to act if allegations of abuse are made, or abuse comes to light. Safeguarding Policy and Procedure is published on the Trust website.


Many of the volunteer roles at Sherburn in Elmet Community Trust do not require particular skills or experience – just a willingness to join in.  Any specific skills which might be needed are outlined in role descriptions.

Candidates will be asked to fill in a short application form and to come in for an informal chat and attend an induction and training session.  Volunteers may be asked to provide 2 referees if they are to handle money or to have access to confidential files.  They may also be asked to sign an Acceptable Use Agreement if they will be using IT systems.

Grievance issues

Every effort will be made to settle any grievance amicably and informally but where this is not possible Volunteers should follow the procedure which is published on our website.

An annual review of the procedure will be carried out by the Trustees in order to identify any improvements required.

Performance and Conduct

Standards of performance and conduct will be addressed during induction and ongoing training and coaching. If there are concerns around a volunteer’s performance or conduct, the matter will be discussed informally by the appropriate line manager and steps taken to address the issue. 

However should unsatisfactory conduct or performance persist disciplinary procedures will be followed with the aim of encouraging improvement. These Procedures will be published on the website and an annual review will be conducted by the Trustees in order to identify any improvements required.

Payment of expenses

Volunteers should not be out of pocket as a result of volunteering at Sherburn in Elmet Community Trust.  In order to be reimbursed for any expenses, these must be agreed in advance and volunteers will need to provide receipts.

Volunteers on benefits

We welcome volunteers in receipt of benefits, but volunteers are responsible for notifying the appropriate authorities.

Policy Review

We welcome comments on this policy, which will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure  it remains valid.

This Policy was adopted at the meeting of Trustees held on 17th July 2018

Reviewed 23/9/19