Equality & Diversity Policy


Statement of policy

It is the policy of Sherburn in Elmet Community Trust to ensure that no user of our
services, volunteer, job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment
on the grounds of sex, gender, race, marital status, disability, age, part-time or fixed term
contract status, sexual orientation or religion, or is disadvantaged by conditions or
requirements that cannot be shown to be justifiable.

The Trust recognises the great benefits in having a diverse workforce with different
backgrounds, solely recruited on ability.

The application of recruitment, training, and promotion policies to all individuals will be
on the basis of job requirements/role descriptions and the individual’s ability and merits.

All employees and volunteers will be made aware of the provisions of this policy.


Services, when available, will be offered to all members of the community strictly on a first come, first served basis.

All recruitment literature, descriptions and specifications for posts/roles will include only
requirements that are necessary and justifiable for the effective performance of the job/

All selection will only be on the basis of defined criteria and the applicant’s suitability for
the job/role. Where it is necessary to ask questions relating to personal circumstances,
these will be related purely to job requirements/role descriptions and asked to all

The Trust will allocate duties between volunteers/employees only on the basis of
individual’s suitabilities for the task and taking into account the exigencies of the service.

All employees/volunteers will be considered solely on their merits for career/role
development, training and promotion with equal opportunities for all.


Sherburn in Elmet Community Trust emphasises that discrimination is unacceptable
conduct which may lead to disciplinary action under Disciplinary

Any complaints of discrimination will be pursued through the Grievance

Policy reviewed and adopted at Trustees Meeting 23/9/2019