Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Sherburn in Elmet Community Trust will:

Seek to reduce its environmental impacts through improved energy, water and waste management.

Raise awareness of sustainability and promote environmentally responsible behaviour from its trustees, employees, volunteers, tenants and service users.

Recognise that all users of the buildings make an impact therefore will aim to establish a users group to lead on sustainability issues.

Provide a designated and accessible information point, specifically for communicating sustainability issues.

Develop a strategy that sets short terms goals and is able to address low cost/no cost actions whilst recognising a need for longer term investment.

Implement environmentally responsible procurement practices as well as securing good value for money.

Ensure the most efficient use of materials by using renewable, recyclable products wherever possible.

Minimise the creation of waste, especially hazardous waste, and wherever possible, recycle or reuse materials; dispose of all waste through safe and responsible methods.
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