Newsletter February 2017

The Library

The first piece of good news is that we are all delighted after many years of lobbying NYCC, that at last the road surface in front of the Library has been put back to an acceptable standard. This has been a difficult issue as actually the road is owned by 9 different people, so NYCC have had to step in and cover the whole cost for now and hope they can recoup the various shares later. Well done NYCC for doing the right thing!

The imminent arrival of Sherburn & Villages Community Library on 1st April is starting to feel real, as we put in place the final plans to ensure we have a team of trained volunteers to run the Library.

The second training course has now completed and the next 4 courses all start from week commencing 27th February. By the end of March all of our volunteers will have received their initial training.

We have allocated all the volunteers to their shifts and appointed team leaders. We are meeting with the Team Leaders on 22nd February and there is a social event for all the volunteers on 14th March.

We are close to finalising the Lease and Service Level Agreement with North Yorkshire and everything is on track.

If anyone else would like to join our group of volunteers, you would be very welcome. Just get in touch at the Library or e-mail

The scheduling of the volunteers did highlight a problem with regard to staffing the long shift on a Thursday afternoon. Having reviewed the usage of the library during the period 5pm to 6pm, we have decided to close the Library at 5pm on a Thursday, in line with other afternoon opening. We appreciate that there is a need for evening opening to meet the requirements of working people who are not back in the village at 5pm. But, it has been found that the take-up for the hour from 5pm to 6pm is very low. If we are to have evening opening, it needs to be to a later time. We will review this decision once we are operational and have had a chance to thoroughly review the needs of library users.

The Old Girls’ School

We have now received the draft lease from NYCC and we are actively planning the project to take over the OGS as well as applying for funding.

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