Old Girls’ School Management Group Terms of reference

The Old Girls School Management Group

Terms of Reference


Sherburn in Elmet Community Trust (the Trust) has a lease with North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) to operate the Old Girls School Community Centre (OGS) on a 99-year term at a peppercorn rent. 

The Trust has agreed to the establishment of a management committee to provide operational management for the Old Girls’ School Community Centre. This document sets out the terms of reference for this management committee to be known as MOGS (Management of the Old Girls’ School).


These terms of reference are made under clause 14 of the constitution of the Trust, a charitable incorporated organisation, which allows the Trust to delegate powers and functions to a committee.

MOGS is accountable to the Trust. These terms of reference have been adopted by a general meeting of the Trust and are subject to periodic review by the Trustees.

MOGS will provide a performance report to the Trust ahead of its general meetings.


MOGS has the following objectives:

  • to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the OGS to ensure it is sustainable
  • to establish and maintain a volunteer base enough to allow for the operating hours and activities of the OGS
  • to develop and maintain working procedures for the OGS, to support policies set by the Trust
  • to monitor and act to ensure conformance across the OGS with the policies set by the Trust
  • to promote the activities of the OGS
  • to establish engagement with users and residents to identify potential areas of service improvement and development
  • to maintain the environment of the OGS premises so that they provide an open and friendly place for people to visit and feel safe
  • to provide monthly updates to the Trust.
  • to work with the Friends of The Old Girls’ School to
    • to develop the OGS to meet the ongoing requirements of users and residents
    • to organise fund raising activity as necessary to support both the Library and Community Hub 


MOGS has the following as standing members:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Community Centre Manager
  • two Trust representatives, one of which will be the Trust Treasurer

and priority functions:

  • Achievement of 3-year business plan to ensure sustainability
  • Marketing & communication

Note that these priorities will change over time and the Group’s composition may need to flex accordingly.

The maximum size of the Group shall be 8.

Observers, including members of the public, may attend any meeting of MOGS in agreement with the Chair. The Chair has the right to ask for observers to withdraw during confidential discussions. 

All members have an equal vote; in the event of no majority, the Chair has the casting vote but may choose to escalate to the Trust for a decision.

Ways of Working


The Chair shall be appointed by the Trust. In the absence of the Chair, one of the Trustees will manage the meeting.


    • Frequency
      • Meetings should be held monthly and are currently planned for the second Monday of each month
    • Location
      • Meetings will be held at the Old Girls School Community Centre (the premises).


  • Secretariat for meetings will be provided by the Secretary

Agenda, Papers and Minutes

  • A call for agenda items will be made no later than 5 days in advance of a meeting.
  • The agenda and papers will be issued no later than 3 days in advance of a meeting.
  • A notice of meeting will be posted 5 days in advance on a public noticeboard within the premises.
  • Draft minutes will be circulated within 5 days of the meeting.
  • Minutes will be approved at the subsequent meeting.
  • Minutes will be made available on the Trust website and on a public noticeboard within the premises.
  • All papers will be made available to all volunteers.


    • All other papers presented at the meetings will not be published

     or circulated wider unless agreed by Group members.

Standing Papers

  • agenda
  • draft Minutes of last meeting
  • conflicts of interest register
  • actions log
  • performance report from Community Centre Manager
  • financial report from the Trust Treasurer.


A meeting of MOGS will be considered quorate when a minimum of 3 members (i.e. 60% of members) are in attendance.


If a member misses 3 or more consecutive meetings their membership may be withdrawn by the Chair. If the Chair misses 3 or more meetings in any 12 month period, their position may be replaced by the Trust.

Code of Conduct

Members of MOGS will conduct themselves in accordance with the ethical standards expected of public office holders, as set out in the 7 principles of public life published by the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

Trust responsibilities

The Trust has legal accountability for the OGS and is responsible for the lease with NYCC.

The Trust has financial accountability for the OGS and is responsible for all financial approvals, including those relating to the payment of expenses.

MOGS may make recommendations to the Trust in respect of expenditure but the Trust does not delegate its financial powers to MOGS. MOGS may make expenditure within the levels set by the annual budget, but any capital expenditure or amounts above the amounts in the budget, require approval from the Trust.

The Trust has overall responsibility for the health and safety of the premises, with day to day operational matters delegated to MOGS who may delegate to the Community Centre Manager.

The Trust is responsible for all employment matters regarding employees of the Trust.


These terms of reference are subject to annual review by the Trust.