Newsletter April 2017

April 2017
The Library
With Easter here we have two weeks as a Community Library under our belt. It’s been an interesting, often hectic, period as we put the theory of the training courses into practice.

It’s fair to say there have been lots of minor issues, but nothing major has gone wrong. We have begun work on creating crib sheets for all the key tasks (e.g. signing up a new borrower). None of us are working full-time at the Library, most of us are volunteering for one session per week and it will take a while for us to get up to speed, so having a quick reference for the key tasks will be useful.

The Steering Group had a meeting with the Team Leaders on the 11th April. Our Library Supervisor, Julie Lakin and our Outreach Librarian, Alison Tutill joined us and they both commented on the enthusiasm and commitment of the volunteers.

At that meeting we set up three Working Groups:-

Events – to manage and coordinate events within the Library.
Community Hub – we aim to make the Library a centre for community news and events and the natural choice for residents who want information about community facilities and council services.
Communications – developing a Public Relations strategy and a strategy for how we communicate with local residents. This will involve traditional media (parish newsletters etc) and also social media.
The IT Buddies are also meeting on a regular basis, with their first meeting being held on April 5th.

At the moment we have a limited number of names down for each group, but input is welcome from everyone and if you feel you could contribute to one of them then please email

There is also scope for other working groups, so any suggestions would be very welcome.

Lanyards, badges and name cards have now been supplied to most, but not all, volunteers. If one hasn’t reached you then please email and we will sort something out.

Similarly you should now have received sign in details for the online training. We do appreciate the time volunteers have already given up for training, but this will add to your knowledge. The online training about Data Protection is particularly useful because we do see a fair amount of personal data at the library, so you might want to make that part a priority.

Staying on the data protection theme, the Acceptable Use forms are part of our Data Protection policy and we have had signed Acceptable Use forms from most volunteers, but if you haven’t yet signed one please see your Team Leader. You also need to have undergone Fire Safety Induction. If you have not yet done this, please see your Team Leader.

The Old Girls’ School

April 1st was an important date for the Old Girls’ School too, as it was the date that we take on the lease from NYCC. There is a lot of refurbishment to do to get the building open as a Community Centre, but the Friends of the Old School are working hard on their project plan.

We are also delighted that a project at the Old Girls’ School has been selected for the next 6 months for support at the Co-op. 1% of you shopping bill goes to local causes and every 6 months there are 3 projects. From 9th April the Old Girls’ School Community Cinema is one of the projects, so if you are a member, please make it your preferred charity. If you are not a member, it only costs £1 to join.

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