Policy for Paying Staff

Sherburn in Elmet Community Trust

1. Scope

1.1 All employees of Sherburn in Elmet Community Trust, SIECT.

2. Purpose

2.1 To inform employees of the SIECT’s of arrangements for pay including how pay increases are determined, arrangements for salary payments and other pay related issues.

3. Introduction

3.1 This policy describes how the pay system in SIECT operates.

3.2 SIECT is committed to ensuring the pay system operates as effectively, efficiently and equitably as possible. Trustees will endeavour to ensure payments are made accurately and in a timely manner. Payroll and payments are operated by a volunteer Trustee. Trustees will ensure that information about pay rates, pension contributions and other necessary information is kept up to date.

3.3 SIECT will also ensure that information about pay systems and reviews is made available to all staff.

4. Method of payment and pay advice

4.1 All salaries will be paid monthly by BACS on the last working day of each month, including December.

4.2 PDF Payslips will be emailed to employees before the end of the month.

4.3 Payroll will issue P60 statements to every member of staff before end of April each year. P11d statements will also be issued to staff who have received a benefit in kind from SIECT

5. Salary review process

5.1 Salaries are reviewed on 1 April each year. Where salary reviews have not been agreed in time to enable salaries to be increased on 1 April, increases will be backdated to 1 April once settlement is reached. Annual pay increases are not guaranteed by SIECT and are not a contractual entitlement. Pay increases must be affordable to SIECT both in year and in the longer term. The Trustees will review pay levels at the February meeting each year. There is no job evaluation scheme or grading system in place.

6. Overtime

6.1 Any overtime working must be authorised in advance by line managers. Claims for overtime or additional hours worked will not be accepted unless a full record of the hours worked has been kept.

6.2 The rate of overtime payable is normal hourly rate. The alternative of claiming overtime hours as Time Off In Lieu of equal value.

7. Payment errors and overpayments

7.1 Occasionally errors may occur regarding the amount paid to employees.

7.2 If there is an underpaid, the correct payment will be made, together with any arrears due, in the next available salary payment.

7.3 In exceptional circumstances an interim payment may be made via BACS. If necessary please discuss this arrangement via Line Management.

7.4 The Trustees will advise employees if it is discovered that they have been overpaid. All overpayments will be recovered by SIECT. The way of recovering any overpayment will be agreed with the employee and may be via cheque or by deductions from subsequent salary payments via a schedule of deductions.

Pay Policy

Author Karen Packham

Approved November 2020