Health and Safety Policy



The Health and Safety policy is based on the following principles 

The Trustees are responsible for the management of Health, Safety and Wellbeing issues within Sherburn in Elmet Community Trust. 

The Trustees will appoint Designated Persons to act on their behalf within the appropriate Management Groups to ensure the implementation of this Policy.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Trustees or as necessary should the situation arise. 

Volunteers and employee’s responsibilities 

Staff and volunteers have a responsibility to:

  • Co-operate with the trustees and Designated Person as appropriate to achieve a healthy and safe workplace and to take reasonable care of themselves and others.
  • Report any  accident, near miss or incident to the Designated Manager. 
  • Report any Health and Safety problem, which they are unable to correct, to their Line Manager or the Designated Person. 


Designated Persons are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that this policy is carried out through the appropriate Management Groups.  
  • Drawing the attention of the Board of Trustees to any issues requiring action. 
  • Investigating any accidents, near misses or incidents and recommending appropriate action.

The Designated Person for the library is Kevin Sibson. 

The Designated Person for the Old Girls’ School is Andrew Potts.

Sherburn Coronavirus Aid Group (SCAG)

The Trust has taken responsibility for this Group which is providing aid to isolated people during the 2020 Covid-19 crisis. This is envisaged to be operating for a short period but nevertheless the provisions of this Policy will apply.

The Designated Person for SCAG is Paul Doherty

General Policy

Control of risks Risk assessments to be undertaken and actions implemented. Assessments should be reviewed every year or earlier if working habits or conditions change.
Procedures for regular health and safety checks and inspections to be established and implemented.
Staff Training Employees and volunteers will be given Health and Safety induction, provided with training appropriate to their duties and evacuation procedures.
Advice to be given to employees and volunteers in dealing with difficult customers, handling difficult situations and workplace violence
Staff Consultation Employees and volunteers routinely consulted on health and safety matters as they arise.
Emergency Procedures Fire risk assessment to be undertaken and action plan implemented.
Evacuation plans are tested from time to time and updated as necessary. Alarm systems and fire extinguishers to be regularly tested and maintained
To maintain safe and healthy working conditions Ensure that all equipment and appliances are tested,maintained and kept in a safe condition.
Toilets, washing facilities and drinking water to be provided.
First Aid equipment to be available.
The work of outside contractors to be subject to specific plans and procedures to ensure they are conducted safely.
Specific health and safety requirements should be considered for hirers or users of rooms and services

This Policy was adopted by the Trustees in April 2020 (by email)