Community Hub

  1. In partnership with the Parish Council, it is the intention to establish a Community Hub at the library, providing a one stop shop for administration and co-ordination of all Parish, District, County and voluntary group services in the local area.

A staffed help desk will be located at the entrance to the library, separate to the library function, and administrative back-up will be provided by a Community Development Manager (employed by the Parish Council).

It is envisaged that the hub will provide the following services:

  •   Interface with the Old School, including room booking.
  •   Access to District and County Council Services.
  •   Bookings for Community Bus
  •   Co-ordination of volunteers for various services e.g. Youth services, elderly, community café, charity shops, library, police, possibly High School leisure facilities.
  •   Information for visitors to Sherburn – where to stay, facilities,
  •   Points of interest – interface with Local History Society, All Saints Church, Towton Battle Field Society.
  •   Welcome Information for new residents.
  •   Maintenance and publication of a diary of events happening in Sherburn to minimise clashes.
  •   Interface with Informer Community magazine.
  •  Liaison with CAB and other voluntary organisations.

Facilities should be provided within the building for:

  •  The administration of the Parish Council (a single office for the Clerk and Community Development Manager)
  •   Community Officers of the District Council (preferably a further permanently staffed office).
  •   Area officers of the County Council.
  •   Provision of office space for voluntary organisations operating  in the area. (e.g. Sherburn Visiting Scheme).

The provision of a Community Hub is consistent with the aims of the District and County Council initiative “Better Together”. This provides the opportunity for the Trust to apply for funding to facilitate  the work needed create the hub at the Library.