About Us

The Community Trust trust was formed in April 2016 as Registered Charity No. 1166770.

The trustees are as follows:-

  •   Paul Doherty (Chair)
  •   Allyson Chambers (Secretary)
  •   Karen Packham (Treasurer)
  •   Kevin Devers
  •   Tony Hewitt
  •   Alma Hodgson
  •   Gary Limbert
  •   Kevin Sibson 

    It will be the role of the Trustees to provide governance, oversee and co-ordinate the activities of two steering groups which have been set up and have been working independently on their plans to take over the library and the Former Girl’s School.

    It is felt that there are lots of benefits in working together as both groups are looking at taking over an asset from NYCC and obtaining charity status. Key benefits include:-

    •   Sharing of skills amongst trustees
    •   More varied activities available for volunteers
    •   Shared costs for accountancy, insurance, payroll administration, etc.
    •   Shared use of management
    •   Shared bookings service
    •   Shared website
    •   Shared fund raising